Intelligent BMS

Intelligent BMS

Rapid intelligent Building Management System

Intelligent Building Management system integrates complex multi vendor Control & Monitoring, Operations, Maintenance & Fault management and Utility systems in a building in to a single unified platform using industry standard protocols and drivers.

With our years of experience and Domain knowledge we have developed a Web Based iBMS system.

Rapid iBMS

● Unified architecture for Facility/Building owners.
● Business critical information’s to enterprise level systems.
● Centralized Control & Monitoring, Operations, Maintenance & Fault management and Utility systems.
● Start to End process monitoring.
● Critical alerts via sms or email

iBMS System Architecture

iBMS facilitates integration of Real Time Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Systems and sub-systems like Fire Alarm System, Lift System, Security System, Plumbing & Sanitary System onto a standard software platform thereby establishing a global building services management.

Our iBMS system's open architecture supports leading industry standards, including:

● OPC, which supports OLE (Object linking and Embedding), which bridges between Windows-based applications and process control hardware.
● MODBUS interface for any third party system.
● AdvanceDDE, the standard for data exchange among a wide range of third party servers.
● ODBC, an industry standard for an industry standard for database access.