Rapid Effect provides solutions for the F & B, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

We specialise in providing batch manufacturing solution using Siemens PCS 7 Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and SIMATIC BATCH.

SIMATIC BATCH makes it easy for PCS 7 batch users to implement S88.01-based batch solutions. This product provides PCS 7 batch users with the means to easily develop master recipes, plan batches, monitor and control executing batches, and collect batch data.


● Reduces project implementation time
● Increases control system code re-usability
● Reduces implementation cost
● Reduces time needed to modify recipes
● Fully utilizes process capacity
● Reduces batch cycle times
● Reduces product variability
● Minimizes off-spec products
● Increases equipment utilization times
● Reduces product changeover times
● Increases operator time devoted to identifying process improvements

Rapid Effect also provide MES solutions to complement the manufacturing process. This provides the users complete end-to-end traceability of the entire manufacturing cycle.

Our MES solution seamlessly integrates the following processes onto a common platform:

● Specification of Raw Material, Product and Waste
● Raw Material analysis
● In-Process Analysis
● Batch Data Integration
● Product Lot Generation
● Product Dispatch Management
● Management Reports