Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Rapid Effect offers numerous solutions for Oil & Gas industry. Over the years we have executed several turnkey projects specialized in standard protocols like IEC61850, MODBUS, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET.

Rapid Effect offers Commissioning services to Oil & Gas (on-shore and off-shore) with expertise in electrical, PLCs, SCADA and DCS.

Key Domains include:

PMS – Power management System:

PMS is a centralised place to control & monitor the information for the overall plant Electrical Generation and distribution network. It typically has the following functionalities:

● PGS – Power Generation System
● ESM – Electrical Switching & Monitoring
● LMS – Load Management System

PGS – Power Generation System:

Controlling and Monitoring the diesel / turbine generators.
Monitoring HV & LV switch gear parameters (MW, MVAR, Voltage, Current, Frequency, etc.)
Controlling & Monitoring generator switchboards.

ESM – Electrical Switching & Monitoring:

● Control & monitor LV circuit breakers, motor starters, transformers,etc.
● Controlling and monitoring of LV incoming and BUS circuit breakers
● Monitoring substation equipments, alarms / status (From UPS , Battery chargers, transformers,
● Interfacing with IED (e.g. slprotec relays, simocode, VFD, etc.) via IEC61850 / Profibus /
  Modbus protocols.

LMS – Load Management System:

● Load Inhibit
● Black Start
● Synchronization
● Load Sharing
● Load Shedding
● Calculation & Monitoring the spinning reserve of the running generators
● Calculating the total available active power spinning reserves

ICSS – Integrated Control and Safety System:

ICSS integrates safety system and process control system to optimize safety and process controls for Oil & Gas industry.

ICSS solutions include:

● DCS – Distributed Control System
● FGS – Fire & Gas Detections & Protection Systems
● ESS – Emergency Shut down System
● SIS – Safety Instrument System