Rapid Notifier

Rapid Notifier - next gen notification service

Mobile technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, and has long become an intimate part of our daily routines both in and outside the workplace. Physical products or processes are being replaced by digital solutions with the aid of information technology. Rapid Effect is proud to a part of this digitalization process.

Rapid Notifier is our next gen solution to replace obsolete alert systems which are still using SMS to send out alerts. Rapid Notifier is a native mobile application developed for both iOS and Android devices. Receive instantaneous alerts on your mobile phone and acknowledge them with a slide of your finger.

Our secure back-end services are hosted on our partner’s leading cloud infrastructure, which guarantees you high availability, reliable and secure storage of your asset data. Monitor your asset status from anywhere with our cloud enabled solution.

Rapid Notifier is a powerful app that monitors alarms for critical asset control systems and sends the information directly to users mobile devices. Rapid Notifier can be easily deployed in various areas like process control, facilities management, laboratories or any other critical systems.

Building Management

Rapid Notifier works with Building Management System or Facilities Management System to enable Facility Managers to actively monitor their assets effectively and reduce manpower

Process Environment

Rapid Notifier deployed in the manufacturing process environment to monitor process conditions – Alerting process owners of warnings, allowing Engineers to rectify the condition before process limits are crossed


Rapid Notifier can be deployed in Laboratories to monitor critical environment condition or lab equipment like incubators, refrigerators, autoclaves. Ensuring you receive important alarms.

Advantages of Rapid Notifier

Rapid Notifier brings a number of benefits compared to the standard SMS alert systems which includes:

  • Single acknowledgement
  • Acknowledge with comments
  • Historical view of alarms
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Easy to manage